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venerdì 3 ottobre 2008

Is Sardinia the legendary island of Atlantis?

Sergio Frau is an italian journalist with Sardinian background and works for one of the most important italian newspaper "La Repubblica". On Sunday 29th of September he presented in the Museum of European Culture in Berlin his controversial theory that Sardinia is the lost Island of Atlantis. His theory begins with the relocation of the Pillars of Hercules, from Gibraltr on the Strait of Sicily.

According to Fraus thesis, the Island of Atlas described by Plato could be identified with Sardinia. The italian journalist explains the destroy of the Nuragic caivalization through a huge tsunami caused catastrophic damage to Sardinia, destroying the enigmatic Nuragic civilization. The few survivors migrated to the nearby Italian peninsula, founding the Etruscan civilization, the basis for the later Roman civilization, while other survivors were part of those Sea Peoples that attacked Egypt.

The idea is fascinating, in the two hours presentation, Frau explained in Italian and brilliant translated to German from Cecile E. and supported from his assistant Fabrizio P.

The event ended with a Sardinian wine and food tasting, the Berliner audience were clearly delighted.
Leo Perinovic 04.10.2008